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The Global Centre for Drawing initiates and collaborates with international drawing projects, Institutions and Artists, establishing links with global drawing networks and research. It functions as a visual platform for intercultural and global dialogue through drawing, in exhibitions, conferences and symposia.

Contemporary Australian Drawing # 1, 'Drawing Out' Conference,  2010

RMIT Gallery,  RMIT University.  A Metasenta Project for the RMIT University/

University of Art London, series of Drawing Out Conferences,

 [see Conferences]

"Drawing is a continuum; a multi-faceted, transdisciplinary global practice. It is something that almost every person encounters and partakes in at some period during their lives; from the early childhood marks of notations, writings and texts, to open-ended contemporary processes. Drawing is akin to a visionary process; it has an origin, a point of inception, and from here ones ideas travel and are, in most cases, open ended – there are no rules; drawing can be as minimal as a breath and as complex as the wave structures and recordings of the ocean. Drawing is a kinesthetic; a movement between points, a connection a recognition and gesture of any idea, mark, trace, line, symbol, shape, medium, space or surface - everyone has their own ‘language of the mark.’"


Dr.  Irene Barberis[i]


[i] Barberis, I 2011, Keynote as a Drawing, Drawing as a Keynote, ‘Crossing the Line: Drawing in the Middle East’ Conference, American University in Dubai, Dubai. (p. 1)

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