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The Global Centre for Drawing (GCfD) is a platform which exhibits national and international artworks and performances based in expanded drawing. The GCfD  initiates and responds to international exhibitions, conferences, symposia, seminars, classes, interviews and discussions on drawing in all its forms.

The GCfD is situated in the spacious, light-filled centre of Gallery Langford120, Melbourne. (


Founder and Director: Dr Irene Barberis 


Dr. Irene Barberis has exhibited and curated numerous national and international exhibitions associated with drawing; publishing the outcomes through the global research centre Metasenta® where, as Founder and Director, she commissioned Australia's largest publication on Drawing, Contemporary Australian Drawing # 1 (2012) authored by Dr Janet McKenzie with contextualising essays by Dr C. Heathcote and Dr. I Barberis. She also producers the well known Metasenta Small Book Publications, publishing 'process ideas from the studio' of artists, writers, designers, poets, architectcs etc.


Through her developmental work in Drawing at RMIT University, alongside colleagues Godwin Bradbeer and James Taylor and the Metasenta Projects, she built the foundations and  initiated through the Metasenta® the series of International Drawing Conferences -  Drawn Out   (RMIT and the University of the Arts, London 2010-2013).


The GCfD Crossing The Line: Drawing in the Middle East series of conferences and exhibitions hosted by the American University in Dubai [with Professor Julia Townsend, Dr Marcelo Guimares Lima ]have extended their dialogues  to Europe where new exhibitions and symposia are taking place.

The Drawing Symposium and exhibitions,  Crossing the Line#3 : Global Drawing; intersections in Firenze, alongside the Contemporary Australian Drawing #5 exhibition and the launch of the new world wide Metasenta® Project for young and emerging artists, will be opened at the SATCHI Institute, Florence on  Nov 6, 2015


"Barberis'  is a painter and installation artist; her drawing practice moves between perceptual drawing and extends to performative spatial works relating to movement and kineasthetics: her use of unorthodox materials in the large-scale installations/exhibitions, such as silicon, flexible lighting, transparent and fluorescent inflatables, glowing plastic breath works, soft architecture, the sewn/woven line, laser-cut highly coloured and incandescent acrylics, domestic and industrial building materials and objects, describe arcs of thinking between dialectics of logics and intuition, the seen and  unseen, art and science and their intersections.


Her friend and mentor Sol LeWitt was a major influence in the development of her initiatives within Universities, facilitating international research and global opportunities for established and emerging artists. The Global Centre for Drawing is one of these initiatives."  







Contemporary Australian Drawing # 1,  Light Circle I Barberis

Curated by Dr. Irene Barberis, RMIT Gallery, RMIT University, Melbourne.

A Metasenta Project for the Drawing Out, Conference 2010

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