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Lines of Thinking, presented by Global Centre for Drawing, Curator: Irene Barberis

November 17 - December 17 2011, Exhibition opening event Saturday November 19th, 2-5pm


“Drawing encompasses all aspects of ones interaction with the world; presented here are twelve lines of thinking as drawing.”


Rick Amor, Irene Barberis, Asher Bilu, Paul Boston, Sam Burke + Domenico de Clario, Richard Dunn, Angela Ellsworth, Mary MacQueen, Jan Murray, Mike Parr, Anita Taylor, Gosia Wlodarczak


"There's something brainy about drawing. The invitation to spell out the ways of the world through a line is analytical and gives thought towards how things are or might be. It doesn't reflect thinking so much as creates thinking; it's a way of thinking, which is perhaps why the curator, Irene Barberis, calls another exhibition Lines of Thinking at Langford120.

Like the Greeks, our artists are still capable of drawing on two levels. In its inquiring spirit, drawing today is more about showing something and at the same time showing the process of the drawing itself. In Lines of thinking, even the most representational artists, such as Rick Amor, create this tension with powerful aesthetic results."

- 'Thinking along similar lines' - Review by Robert Nelson, The Age

Rick Amor, Study for Roman lion, 2004, 
charcoal on paper, 76 x 56cm

Jan Murray, Studio Hang (BSR), 2010, watercolour & water soluble crayon on paper, Dimensions various

Asher Bilu, 2005, Becomingness, resin and pigments on board, 183 x 244cm
facebook - Asher Bilu

Angela Ellsworth, Eliza, 2005, black thread on
paper napkin, 20 x 21cm

Gosia Wlodarczak, 2011,1826 Days Carpet, Performance drawing in social situation: 5th anniversary party for the 
"A is for Atlas" company at Fehily Contemporary. Pigment markers, acrylic on linen, 214 x 250cm

Mary MacQueen, Mountain Mists, 1989, watercolour and pencil on paper . 40 x 54cm

Paul Boston, No. 10, 1997, charcoal and 
pastel on paper, 76 x 56cm

Sam Burke+Domenico de Clario, 'Forestories', September 23 2001, British School at Rome,
Rome, dimensions variable

Mike Parr, still from Breathless, 2008, Looped DVD

Anita Taylor, Cleanse, 2004/09, 
charcoal on paper, 159 x 119cm

Richard Dunn, Fire + Stream / Bridge + Tower, 1985, pastel and charcoal on paper, eight sheets, 230 x 130cm

Irene Barberis, 2009, Wall (Silicon Chapel), Installation detail, Brisbane Arc Biennale, 2009,silicon and net, 300 x 300cm.


Installation Views


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