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Janet McKenzie
Trees II 2008
Edition of 25

Drawing on Two Worlds: Embarkation

Janet McKenzie

March 23rd - April 21st, Exhibition opening event Saturday March 23, 2-4pm

Drawing on Two Worlds, was conceived by Janet McKenzie in 2009, after 22 years of living in Scotland, having settled from Australia in 1987. The landscape always existed in her artwork, yet it was only on moving to Scotland in 1987 that she found within her ancestral homeland the shapes and spiritual forms which related intrinsically to her own work. Her work however, also centres on the role of nurturer and observer of natural phenomena, as in her The Osgood Suite, a series of 10 paintings, where paint is applied as distinct mark-making, alluding to the role of “Drawing as Exploration”. Embarkation, her latest work in this project, is a site-specific spatial drawing, using knitted banners hung together and sited within the landscape. Her works in this current exhibition are vital elements in her practice, which in turn informs the wider project.

From the Foreword of MSBS Portraiture in Focus & drawing on Two Worlds: Embarkation  by Stephen Farthing

Janet McKenzie
Sanctuary 1984 Edition of 30
14 x 17 cm 

Janet McKenzie
Falling House 2008
oil paint, wood ash, gold leaf
40 x 50 cm

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