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Selected Exhibitions

Five Places: Project Curators: Tony Trehy, Bury Museum of Art, Bury, UK, Dr Irene Barberis, Metasenta@Gallery Langford120, Melbourne, Australia.


The concept of 5 Places (1) proceeds from the notion of mobility, unpredictability and interchangeability brought about in networks challenged through curatorial and artist’s dialogue. The first phase of the project involves 5 venues around the world, which curate 2 artists who will then be shown in the venues of the other 4 places – but not in their own. 


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Drawing on Two Worlds:
Curator: Dr Irene Barberis


Drawing on Two Worlds, was conceived by Janet McKenzie in 2009, after 22 years of living in Scotland, having settled from Australia in 1987. The landscape always existed in her artwork, yet it was only on moving to Scotland in 1987 that she found within her ancestral homeland the shapes and spiritual forms which related intrinsically to her own work.


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Lines of Thinking:
Curator, Dr Irene Barberis


Rick Amor, Irene Barberis, Asher Bilu, Paul Boston, Sam Burke + Domenico de Clario, Richard Dunn, Angela Ellsworth, Mary MacQueen, Jan Murray, Mike Parr, Anita Taylor, Gosia Wlodarczak“Drawing encompasses all aspects of ones interaction with the world; presented here are twelve lines of thinking as drawing.”


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Geometric Aljamia: A Visual Transliteration
Curator: Reni Gower


An exhibition of intricately worked paper cutouts based in Islamic patterning and from the USA, Qatar, Dubai, and Kuwait . Ghadeer Alawahdi, Jorge Benitez, Reni Gower, Hanane Korchi, Julia Townsend.


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Portraiture in Focus
Curator: Dr Irene Barberis
 Anita Taylor, Irene Barberis, Helen Sturgess

 Portraiture in Focus is an investigation of the portrait by three female Artists who have been making art over a lengthy period  of time. All have worked at some stage on portraits and the self.

Metasenta Publications have printed Portraiture in Focus, as one of their well known small book series.


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Re: the body 1 

Bernhard Sachs, Wendy Stavrianos with Todd Fuller and Carl Scriberras of Flatline Dance Co.


The exhibition opening event included a live performance. The dancers shifted slowly between poses from Art History which demonstrate a variety of emotional states while the artist via projection sketches across the dancer. He captures their their canon, proportions, internal/external structure and changes.


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