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Anita Taylor

Seeing Something Else 1993

charcoal on paper

76 x 56 cm

Portraiture in Focus

Anita Taylor, Irene Barberis and Helen Sturgess 

March 23rd - April 21st, Exhibition opening event Saturday March 23, 2-4pm


The three artists in the current exhibition, Portraiture in Focus all investigate the portrait. All are women who have been making art over a lengthy period and all have worked at some stage on portraits and the self.

Irene Barberis in this exhibition portrays herself confronting herself with a book in one hand and long brushes [sword-like] in the other; cavalier one could say, or perhaps she throws the question at us – “what actually is self?” Alongside the life size self portrait laser cut-outs, are a series of sensitive and direct works of her artist friends and family drawn and painted from life over many years. Each work has a textual story written of it underscoring the way she understands the open-endedness of all art process, no matter how conventional it seems.

Anita Taylor's large-scale drawings explore the nature and relationship of the female subject from the perspective of both artist and model. Through the encounter and act of drawing, the nature of self-representation and identity is explored, and the resultant portrayal becomes a description or disclosure of an inherent paradox as a mind reveals the form it inhabits.

Helen Sturgess’ works utilizes a broad range of media from bronze to plasticine, to watercolour. She weaves together storytelling, memory and history both personal and collective, combining traditional and contemporary practices. Sturgess transforms the material and objects into a reflection of the self’s internal landscapes, exploring psychological terrain through drawing, sculpture and installation.

Anita Taylor Glance, 2004 charcoal on paper 38 x 28cm

Irene Barberis Albert Tucker /Artist 1991 Charcoal on Paper 57cm x 77cm

Anita Taylor Glance 2012 charcoal on paper 210 x 156cm

Irene Barberis Gary Catalano/Poet 2002 Acrylic paint on Card 112 x 77cm

Irene Barberis Self Portrait 2013, 2013 Graphite on Arches paper 76cm x 107cm

Helen Sturgess Of Two Minds (left and right hand drawing) 2013 ink on paper 28 x 39cm

Anita Taylor Narcoleptic 2004 charcoal on paper 38 x 28cm

Irene Barberis Self Portrait millennium night -2am, 1.1.2000, 2000 Ink on paper 56 x 76cm

Anita Taylor Vestiges 2012 charcoal on paper 210 x 156cm

Helen Sturgess Becoming Mr. Squiggle, 2012 pencil on paper 76 x 54 cm

Helen Sturgess Medusa 2013 plasticine on Arches paper 114 x 101cm

Helen Sturgess Magnolia Venus No. 3 of 4 2009 mezzotint and tape on paper 26.5 x 30.5cm

Irene Barberis Self Portrait; facing oneself 2013, 2013 Digital image. Variable Scale

Helen Sturgess Vulnerable Pink 2012 pencil and watercolour on paper 50 x 37.5cm

Anita Taylor Seeing Something Else 1993 charcoal on paper 76 x 56 cm

Helen Sturgess Non-fruiting Body 2013 iron oxide and watercolour on Arches paper 114 x 100cm

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